Sunday, August 30, 2015

Resource Fair Hits: Battery Bob

So um, RantWoman bounded off yesterday mid-windstorm to the Seattle King County Resource Fair.

Even before RantWoman reached the line for the front door, never mind the front door, RantWoman met one of the more diverting attractions, Battery Bob, who says "I recharge people's llives with hope." Battery Bob is a congenial white guy. He was handing out little yellow cards:

Photo of one of Battery Bob's yellow cards
Battery Bob is recruting people for all over the state, promising $2000-$5000 / month. Come to his FREE ifformation session at 9 am every wednesday at the Federal Way Boys and Girls Teen Center, 31453 28th Ave S, Federal Way.

Shecks! If RantWoman ever finds herself in Federal Way at 9 am on a Wednesday with nothing more to do....

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