Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Thank you for retweeting?

Dear RantWoman

Thank you for retweeting our (RantWoman editorializes: shameless propaganda).

Dear Beloved Telecomm provider,

You think I forwarded it because why? It's an artifact in the conversation.

Dear Beloved Telecomm provider,

Speaking of conversation:

4 hours late on a Friday afternoon, online chat because that level of information flow is about what RantWoman can handle, because no way did RantWoman have brain cells to sort through a website.

First, until RantWoman tells you something directly by calling an 800 number or communicating on her current signin anything here is Chronicle ONLY.

Next, it's, um, unnerving to log into online account only to have a whole bunch of things go POOF  as soon as RantWoman made a payment. RantWoman will spare readers details, but it was a serious POOF!

Online chat with Mr. JAWS the screenreader doing the talking. RantWoman finds Mr.. JAWS obnoxious of course, but at least RantWoman does not expend emotional energy feeling sorry for him on language grounds.

Cumulative chat transcripts from 3 different email addresses implying at least 3 transfers, not counting the Third party verification about "freezing my phone number."

Sort of reassuring hold messages: 69th in queue, next message two minutes later 49th in queue. Queue moving fast enough RantWoman is willing to hang out, with one small addendum: when RantWoman tabs out of her Facebook window, she still gets bing notes when notifications come in. If RantWoman is 59th in queue and willing to hang in there, having the update messages reach her while she is in another window would be very cool.

Multiple exclamations about "how did you wind up here?" Gees, you tell me because you are the one who sent me here.

Musings along the way:

1. You want me to pay HOW much more for 3 Gig than I am paying for 1? All because I do not have the stomach to wade through someone else's customer service nightmares...? Ummmmm!

2. RantWoman would LOVE to see the terms and conditions BEFORE committing. Should RantWoman have insisted and gone for SIX hours or might there be some faint hope RantWoman could look things up online, like maybe a link in a confirming email, bearing in mind that RantWoman thinks no matter what she should ALWAYS be able to connect to your billing info and terms and conditions. Obviously, no?

3. Paper or alternate format or electronic. YET MORE accessibility excursion. RantWoman for awhile got her bills in large print. That takes up a lot of space. RantWoman likes braille enough to think about asking for bills in braille just for the exotic experiences. But the too much paper problem is even worse. But the current bills have tiny print. RantWoman also, urk, has a tendency to see the bills, think yeah, yeah, I have already dealt with.... And on top of all that, when RantWoman did finally look at printed bills, the dates of promised events did not match what actually happened.So having multiple info streams align with the SAME info could make RantWoman extravagantly happy.

4. A key achievement of the exercise: gettingRantWoman's land line phone number back.RantWoman canot afford a secretary but has a second number specifically to take messages. RantWoman has several sets of business cards for different things. RantWoman SO did not want to have to get new business cards. The transcript for this part of the chat makes RantWoman think she went on way more of a customer service process excursion than she imagined. Mleah! Happy trails to the people who got dragged along.

5. You can bleeping well figure out my taxes just fine for billing. Why can you not figure them out during marketing?

And finally, we come to....Freezing the phone number and Third Party Verification, by voice. Voice is clearly a native speaker of US English. Voice mumbled a bit and could not really explaing what "freezing the phone number" means and RantWoman did not think to ask anything about her rights in the situation. This would be partly a terminology problem: Rantwoman was not expecting the word "Freeze," and voice certainly took a couple requests for clarification before matters becam The phone number is frozen but RantWoman at least knows where it is. RantWoman WILL get phone service back. RantWoman definitely can think of more to say, but..for the time being, RantWoman has to tend to other customer service chasms. WAY too much fun.

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