Monday, August 24, 2015

Have an exocrine day!

Look out world, RantMom is practicing texting.

Have an exocrine day?

RantWoman is unsure what interactions of dyslexia, arthritis, and autocorrect yielded "have an exocrine day," but RantWoman celebrates RanMom practicing.

Understand, RantMom has an iPhone. She uses basic dial out and answer. RantWoman THINKS she gets voice mail. Texting is a BIG STEP. No selfies. No #FinditFixit. Maybe a TINY bit of OneBusAway. RantWoman has fantasies about emailing to ranMom some Google map / trip planner and having RantMom be able to access it on the go. RantWoman has this fantasy but has no idea how realistic it is.

RantMom would LIKE to have more skills. Well she says she would like to have more skills. She has been to a class offered by her service provider. The free classes occur on Sundays when RantMom would rather be n church. They go very fast and RantMom complains they are hard to follow. One-time classes also do not provide the kind of a little every day encouragement many people need to really learn something. Now RantMom also has a church buddy who claims she can teach RantMom about texting in half an hour. Yeah, and then tomorrow too?

Some of the time RantWoman fantasizes about training by humans as part of a company's monthly service model. Some of the time RantWoman fantasizes about a series of different built-in videos designed to offer tips when someone seems to be pawing around cluelessly. RantWoman imagines a series of personas so that customers from many demographics can see themselves as capable fun users of the technical options!

But in the meantime, have an exocrine day.

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