Sunday, August 23, 2015

Fire, not wildfires, reviewed

(Please assume appropriate trademark signs wherever needed. One of these days RantWoman means to figure out how to insert them. In the meantime rantWoman wants credit for good intentions.)

Dear Amazon

Thank you so much for the invitation to review my new Kindle Fire.

Please excuse the blog post; I am out of bandwidth for direct interaction with anything called customer service so you get my fast notes:

1.RantWoman means it about wanting to be able put content on her devices and not always having to be online for example to consume mp3 files.SO, if RantWoman goes to a browser and finds an mp3 file she is interested in, it would be REALLY awesome if the launch would give RantWoman some guidance about size of file, how long it would take to download on wi-fi, and then ask RantWoman whether she wants to download or stream.

       RantWoman is not clear whether today's vexations are a Fire software problem or a property of different websites. Either way, RantWoman stayed put in one place today because that's where the Wi-fi was for 45 minutes trying to soothe herself with inspiring material from her faith community Potential to be soothed is definitely there, but along comes problem number 2.

2. Ya know that thing with PDF's: email the PDF to the Kindle. If the PDF is a text PDF, not a graphical image AND one remembers to put convert in the subject line of the email, then and only then will one be able to read the PDF's with text-to-speech. RantWoman never tried download anything directly from the internet on her old (mysteriously revived today) Kindle, but the Fire supposedly allows one to download things directly from the Internet. The accessibility features RantWoman needs work well enough that RantWoman was able to do this several times. That is RantWoman did this several times before trying to read anything.
     Alas, direct downloads do not do the needed convert and RantWoman had to download to her phone and email with the magical convert subject line to her Fire. RantWoman is happy to know the problem is not a property of the files she is dealing with. RantWoman would be happier if the needed convert could be accomplished during the direct download. This is one of those situations where something probably tests, say 80% accessible, 95% if one counts the kludgey workaround, but RantWoman has fantasies in the zone of 100% accessible with much less fuss and muss.

And for one more moment of entertainment, considering the material RantWoman was reading, RantWoman extracted singular amusement from the message upon powering off:

"Alert, do you want to shut down your Fire?"

Umm, is that a technological question or a theological one?

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