Friday, August 21, 2015

And for our next telecomm adventures...

Dilemma: does RantWoman hurry up and respond to confusion from emails OR does RantWoman take a few minutes first to chronicle further confusion and miscommunication and faint hope that MAYBE RantWoman can get her phone service and plain unspectacular but adequate for RantWoman's needs and interests DSL service restored?

RantWoman has been trying to find a phone line that gets RantWoman to a humanfrom Beloved  Mobile Telecom provider, also known as Telecomm Provider  number 2 to ask some questions. This has not been going well. RantWoman has also been trying in her tired short of time at home hours to play around with making her Smartphone a wifi hotspot and just connecting the laptop that way. This has not been going well, though RantWoman has decided it's worthwhile to up her mobile data plan a little. More on that quest in a separate post.
Phoneset with big tactile buttons and long receiver

RantWoman is grumpy because she really likes her phoneset for her landline. rantWoman likes big tactile buttons. RantWoman likes a receiver that is easy to hold onto and a different shape from her Smartphone. RantWoman considers herself too young to have arthritis in her hands but that seems to be a family thang. Being able to hold different phones different ways is one of the things RantWoman does to spread mechanical physiological stress around. RantWoman also likes this phone because she sometimes likes for short intervals to do the crunch the phone against her shoulder and use two hands while talking on the phone thing. And RantWoman is so not excited about internet phone options and having to buy some other dang piece of hardware.

But again, mobile is important enough to RantWoman to motivate RantWoman to keep experimenting and also to articulate some points about covering the costs that belong in the realm of non profit management alongside some other conversations RantWoman is trying to have.

In the last several days RantWoman has received two email communications from Beloved Telecomm Provider number 1. One looked like the regular billing cycle. RantWoman did not open it because she figured she would open it on schedule when she has money. Based on the last phone conversation RantWoman had with Customer Service, RantWoman figured that was reasonable. Then last night RantWoman received email saying an order has been cancelled.

An order? Cancelled?

Then RantWoman opened the other email and noted HOPEFUL signs of progress. MAYBE  RantWoman needs just to log into Beloved Telecomm provider's website and ..

Remember RantWoman cannot currently log in at home. Please see DSL modem with pathetic sad red light. Please see modem displayed for photography purposes rather that it's usual on its side position to prevent the Queen of Spades from laying on it for warmth and filling it with cat hair. Please note, RantWoman has decided that moving pictures around is worth using her data plan for.

Speaking of the Queen of Spades, the Queen of Spades does not go to the Friendly Neighborhood Center for Extreme Computing. In the first place, she disdains the title Service Animal and thinks the human needs to remember who is in charge in the household. In the second place, RantWoman already has more than enough conversations about service animals without trying to persuade anyone that the Queen of Spades would qualify, especially when she has absolutely NO interest in doing so.

The Queen of Spades is quite resentful of the reduction in time RantWoman is available to be cat furniture, for instance while RantWoman is talking on the landline to people who make her laugh. And one of the people who regularly makes RantWoman laugh, and who likes her promo code phone and DSL pricing thank you very much even needed to grumble about Beloved Telecomm Provider number one trying to upsell her and interest her in television.

Umm, okay.... This person still reads actual printed on paper b-b-b-ooks. She reads LOTS of books, way more than RantWoman has time for, and books about topics RantWoman is interested in. More importantly, besides making RantWoman laugh, she is really good at digesting the books and sharing interesting highlights with RantWoman. She also has 3 grandchildren and favors doing actual interactivie activities more than having them sit in front of television either. So maybe Beloved Telecomm provider needs to concentrate its upselling efforts somewhere else.

RantWoman is also grumpy because of trying to cram even more items on her home to-do list in among the work too much to-do list and the noisy frequently interrupted environment mainly at the Friendly Neighborhood Center for Extreme Computing. Just because RantWoman can more or less have all the internet she wants--and on desktop machines with BIG screens to boot, RantWoman does not particularly want to spend all her time actually at the Friendly Neighborhood Center....

And now, as one more digression and procrastination spell: The internet assures RantWoman that Mercury is not in retrograde so make of the rest of this what you will.
For the non-astrologically-minded, Mercury is the messenger of the gods. The Planet Mercury is closer to the sun and therefore with a smaller orbit. Thus it moves across the sky part of the time in the opposite direction from everything else we see from earth. Supposedly when Mercury is retrograde, communications on earth are more likely to go awry than the rest of the time. RantWoman has no opinion exactly about the explanatory value of this idea--except that SOMETIMES the idea winds up being sort of conversational get out of jail free card: Oops. Maybe I screwed up. Maybe someone else screwed up.   Maybe Mercury is just in retrograde and we all get to stop moralizing and try again.

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