Thursday, August 20, 2015

Edmonds - Everett - Edmonds with SWIFT, Sounder, sunrise; Dreaming of Journeys to come

Visual spoiler alert: from Edmonds to Everett via SwIFT and back to Edmonds via Sounder all within seven minutes. With cool red / orange sunrise and soothing views of the Sound. Soothing enough visuals that RantWoman many come back and look just for that.

Other eccentric comment: one of the things that has made RantWoman's investment in Smartphone TOTALLY worthwhile is being able to do Twitter while in transit. RantWoman feels MUCH better able to connect to things in her community and MUCH better able to feed her intellectual omnivore inclinations because of all the things coming at RantWoman via Twitter. That also includes local color like this clip.

One downside: RantWoman's email inbox is groaning worse than ever with things RantWoman means to spend more in-depth attention on.

Another downside: RantWoman is now well and thoroughly hooked and even willing basically to live with what Twitter throws at her plus what #hasshtag s RantWoman gloms onto. RantWoman MIGHT be able to cut her data usage with some pruning but that seems like a LOT of work.

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