Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Geekery Fantasy of the Day: dual-track pagination

Digression from a complex email stream involving the term ADA paratransit, not defined here except to note that the concept has specific meanings.

Today's geekery fantasy: some kind of mechanism allowing readers of something in large print some clue about how their page numbers relate to the page numbers for readers viewing the document at its default size.  RantWoman has had this twitch for awhile and was grateful to be reminded of the need recently. RantWoman hopes that merely stating the desire MIGHT induce someone to point her to software or maybe a trustworthy MS Word macro that already does this dual pagination thing.

RantWoman FORGETS that it is entirely reasonable for RantWoman to request materials in large print especially when she is playing an important volunteer service role, for instance a role involving the Service Guidelines Task Force. RantWoman has forgotten to ask for several meetings of the Service Guidelines Task Force and is EXTREMELY grateful that for one recent meeting large print showed up anyway, even though the process of interacting with the documents during a meeting definitely reminded RantWoman of her desire for two-track pagination.

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