Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Checklist to prepare for President Xi's visit

RantWoman checklist in preparation for this week's visit by Chinese President Xi Jimping:

1. Follow the advice of Mayor Murray, the Seattle Department of Transportation, and half the transportation threads in RantWoman's tweet stream and Prepare for massive traffic disruptions at unpredictable times throughout President Xi's visit.

2. Warn everyone else in RantWoman's orbit and then remind them that the schedule of disruptions will not be publicized and no, RantWOman does not really have any advice. Metro will know where to go.

3. Read up on non-profits and the third sector in China so that next time rantWoman is tempted to open her mouth about the topic there will be increased odds that RantWoman will sound halfway intelligent. RantWoman may wind up stopping with Blindness. Oh Well.

iChinaForum interview with Mark Sidel: 3rd sector at 40,000 feet

Old item from Braille Without Borders about the documentary Blindsight

Braille Without Borders Current Newsletter and Annual Report page

CNN story

WHO article about Blindness in China

Transition Planning for youth with disabilities in Asia

4. Abandon quest for more detail; hope if any people with disabilities actually get to meet President Xi, someone thinks to ask him about independent organizations that serve people with disabilities.

5. Lecture privacy watchdog via Twitter:
a. Assume, based on actual RantWoman Life Experience, anyone who really wants to protest President Xi's visit has already taken into account the search and security regime.
b. Yeah, yeah, warrantless searches.... but live on the fly during the event, do you really expect to get anywhere?
c. There's warrantless searches and there is have you ever tried to search on anything in China? Not saying people in the US should automatically surrender freedom of movement, but maybe could we all please target our energy...?

6. Return to all the threads of life and diversity on steroids and gnarly personnel and privacy and telecommunications issues at the Friendly Neighborhood Center for Extreme Computing.

Welcome to Seattle President Xi!


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