Sunday, September 20, 2015

Mourning Jake Brewer with link to LOTS of accessibility grumbles

RantWoman notes with sadness and admiration:

RantWoman does not exactly apologize for something she cannot help but RantWoman does pointedly grumble about the link inside the article above article to a website with so many accessibility oopses that RantWoman does not even know where to start:
RantWoman always has to acknowledge that the problem MIGHT be that RantWoman is not the most sophisticated user of accessibility tools ever to lay fingers to keyboard, but RantWoman definitely urges the developers to have someone with a screen reader show them how silly their site sounds.

Some other memorial links

and the Accessibility for a screen reader version of a WaPo item.

RantWoman is also giving herself the option of being irked that there is a separate "accessibility for screen readers" version. RantWoman is not going straight to full bore irked quite yet though: people have different accessibility needs. If having two versions of a site helps meet more people's accessibility needs, RantWoman might be willing to tolerate it; if two versions means just indulging someone's sloppiness....

At any rate, for now, the focus is the memorial.

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