Monday, October 12, 2015



RantWoman would be really happy to complete the customer satisfaction survey offered on the sales receipt from a visit to the QFC at the Broadway Market on Capital Hill in Seattle this afternoon, Oct 11 approximately 3:55 pm.

RantWoman would be happy to do this but somehow the receipt got left in one place and RantWoman is computing in another. but RantWoman has much to do and is not going to go back and get it just to type in the precise time and a magical number. One reason RantWoman is not going to go back and get the receipt is that she would have to also get out her magnifier and / or grumble about need to both read tiny print and use the internet to complete the survey. RantWoman has internet and is glad, but RantWoman wants to know that people who do not have internet access also have the option of participating.

You are going to get customer satisfaction through RantWoman's highly wonky eyeballs. RantWoman would never turn down an opportunity to be entered in the drawing for the gift card but will be happy enough emitting her opinion and leaving things at that,

RantWoman REALLY likes Point of sale devices with Tactile buttons and RantWoman has been EXTREMELY grateful to see them spread through many retail establishments she frequents.

RantWoman notes that tactile entry options are awesome. QFC devices also mostly do a good job with screen real estatate but at other places in many cases MUCH better use could be made of screen real estate. RantWoman finds it annoying to be asked to read tiny print in one corner instead of taking the time to use the space fully for needed instructions. RantWoman notes some devices still expect RantWoman to find things on touch screen, hit or miss for RantWoman and impossible for other people with worse vision. The tactile PIN entry is HUGE for #privacy but y'all could do better about screen real estate.

RantWoman would have appreciated a store directory somewhere on the main floor. RantWoman needed cat food, "upstairs."

RantWoman really appreciates the sales clerk calling her attention to the survey. However, RantWoman was standing at the checkout with a folded up white cane in one hand. When the sales clerk told RantWoman about the survey, RantWoman asked her to write the url on the back of the receipt, using RantWoman's 20/20 pen. RantWoman had to ask again. Partial credit for telling RantWoman about the survey at least.

So thank you so much for asking anyway.



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