Monday, October 12, 2015

What is NOT, Use of Interpreters

RantWoman is festively catching up on email including discussion of interpreter issues.

RantWoman's email groans with examples from people RantWoman would HOPE would "get it" about interpreter issues but who seemingly don't.

Example 1, an event organized by the Korean American Bar Association that includes nary a mention of anything to do with interpreting, whether there was interpreting at the event, what rights people have to an interpreter, if they need one, how to avail themselves of that right, different customary practices as far as who pays for interpreters. RantWoman has no desire particularly to pick on any single commuity bar association; RantWoman assumes this one might not be the only one that overlooks this vital issue.
Korean American Bar Association event from 2014

Example 2: Immigrant Rights organization and Labor Union chapter who need to uphold workers' rights for multiple communities who all speak different languages and need to get to a common language of struggle. RantWoman is purposefully omitting the names of BOTH organizations because, again the trend toward asking people with real skills and professional training to work for free seems to be all the rage....

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