Monday, November 2, 2015

Holiday Blog Themes: Christmas Cactus

Halloween is past.

Winter holiday exuberance is allowed to peak into RantWoman's life.

Plus RantWoman's Christmas cactuses are budding.

Buds Nov. 2
Unruly houseplants and budding Christmas cactuses

RantWoman is delighted to learn that #christmascactus will find a whole bunch of other Christmas cactus lovers chronicling their plants' flowering.

RantWoman hoped to let her Christmas Cactus be the avatar only of things that are fun, natural, inexpensive, healthful, wholesome, and not whiny or overly self-congratulatory.

Who are we kidding? RantWoman likes prezzies as much as anyone. And if some or another technological bug, er, feature means RantWoman is also compelled to write a Dear Santa Claus letter, everyone is just going to have to COPE. Hopefully there will still be plenty of blossoms and Christmas cookies!

RantWoman's "Dear Santa Claus" moment to go with today's cellphone photography efforts: RantWoman would LOVE to have an accessible way to apply labels more descriptive than numbernumbernumbermumbletynumber.jpeg to images in her phone. RantWoman gets around this omission by emailing things to herself and using a descriptive subject line, but RantWoman suspects she is not the only person on the planet who:

--can see enough to get the subject of a photo in frame but not necessarily enough to recognize an image later

--might like to do an alpha search or alpha sort for things like "Mom" or "ChristmasCactus"

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