Monday, December 21, 2015

After Dinner Smartphoning: Gluten Free, visually simple

The RantWomen are gearing up for some serious tourism planning. The learning curve to accomplish this involves numerous matters of search engine, visual presentation, and mobile vs desktop device, not to mention event planning strategy and probably about the average number for such a venture of Family Communications Issues. (Insert image of Kermit the Frog wrinkling his nose.)

Or we are socially awkward enough that some fussing with our devices at the dinner table is the perfect follow-on from dinner conversation.

Anyway, the mobile technology takeaways from last night's Sunday Supper with RantMom:

--Someone, Little Sister or one of RantMom's church lady buddies needs to help rantMom sort out some privacy and notifications issues related to Facebook on her Smartphone. RantWoman for numerous reasons does not even DO Facebook on her Smartphone so although RantWoman THINKS she has correctly parsed RantMom's complaints and worries, RantWoman has no idea where to tell RantMom to look. The PERFECT excuse for now to PUNT!

--Smartphones are a fun way to find recipes but a terrible place to actually read them. And RantWoman's approach about use of email tends to differ from options provided by websites.

RantMom wants to make gluten free baked goods for someone on her gift list. RantMom has been baking yeasted, gluten intense breads since she was six and since the cooking modes included a choice of wood or coal in the stove. RantMom is new to gluten free cooking but has brought home a bag of a specific brand of flour. RantMom knows how to use her search engine, but as with RantWoman herself, sometimes it helps to start with something less than raw search engine output. Here are RantWoman's recommendations, straight from an email.

Here are a couple recipes that seem especially friendly.
I like this one because:

1. it has a link to another version

2. It talks about the specifics of working with gluten free dough

3. It is visually pretty simple even though it takes a bit of
scrolling to get to the ingredients list.

4. It's a whole gluten-free site so it might be fun to check out what
else is there.

Here is another interesting one.

I like that this one has both bread machine and conventional oven directions.

It also has some ingredients I am unfamiliar with and a number of
substitutions for people who also have problems with other common
bread ingredients.

Here are some results from searching on
Red Mill Gluten Free flour bread recipes.  See if you can change and
find specific instructions for rolls.

Here would be all the results from searching for gluten free rolls.

 Have fun

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