Saturday, December 26, 2015

Signature line present.

The short version:
Christmas present from RantBrother: a signature line in text messages. MERRY CHRISTMAS 2015 and HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016.

Mobile Phone Themed
Christmas Present

After a number of times reading text messages with this message at the bottom, it dawned on RantWoman that RantBrother PROBABLY was not typing the greeting every time and that MAYBE his text messages have a signature line.

Then it dawned on RantWoman, after HOW LONG owning this phone, that she also could tap in a corn of her messaging app, see what comes up, and, lo and behold, add her own Signature line: Merry Christmas and Happy new year

The longer version:
Recently RantBrother has again connected with a cell phone.

He had one previously. RantWoman has no idea what happened to it.
RantBrother likes to text. One time both Rant siblings were awake early and RantWoman suggested phoning instead. RantBrother says there are too many people sleeping around him.

The good news: that means he is sleeping indoors. RantBrother maintains certain Mountain Man fantasies, but in Denver, this time of year, there are worse problems than not being able to talk early in the morning.

RantMom is a work in progress about texting, but has connected voice to voice enough to know that RantBrother got his Christmas box containing new jeans and high-tech long underwear.

Merry Christmas RantBrother and everyone currently texting RantWoman.

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