Friday, January 1, 2016

ABBA : Dancing Queen (Royal Swedish Opera 1976) HQ

There is a whole internet of memes out there. How on EARTH did Dancing Queen, in 18th Century costume rise to the top of the list for RantWoman #HAPPYNEWYEAR wishes?

It was either that or #STARWars, Carrie Fisher and Commander Leia?

The performance harkens back to that great moment in US history , the BICENTENNIAL, celebrated the day after everyone else did because the entire Rant Family was involved in helping stage a symphony concert in the park?

2016 will be the tenth time RantWoman votes in a presidential election?

Irrepressible Nephew will turn 16?

It's sufficiently evocative of time warp and various flavors of medievalism while saving current war, refugee crises, global pestilence, climate disruption, and ALL THAT OTHER DIRE STUFF for another day!

Warm, warm wishes to everyone for love and hope and paths through, past all the bad stuff out there.


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