Saturday, January 2, 2016

Seattle DOT Engineers do Vision Impairment Simulation Tour

This item showed up this afternoon in RantWoman's tweet stream via
SDOT Blog Item about Vision Impairment Simulation Tour

RantWoman is delighted to hear that SDOT staff have done this.

RantWoman notes regrettably that the list of vision issues simulated does not include RantWoman's particular combination of double-vision, bifocals, grow your own lava lamp floaters, and multiple other conditions adding up to the miraculous (cough!) ability to see between zero and about five of any given object. This is disconcerting on level sidewalk. It can be terrifying in the presence of stairs or Mack trucks. Should anyone need blindness tourism specifically about tehse effects, feel free to ask RantWoman.

The text of the #WhiteCaneDay tour here for reference.
White Cane Day Tour Points of Interest

and another excerpt about leaves, from a different post:
One of RantWoman's favorite moments (at #WhiteCaneDay): the new #ADA coordinator for the WA State Ferries asked RantWoman a VERY insightful question about the white cane and leaves. It was a dry day. Even so leaves are kind of a pain. It's pretty easy to wind up with kind of a snowplow effect moving a lot of leaves and even worse if the leaves are soggy or it's raining. Leaves are treacherous enough by themselves, but the presence of leaves also frequently indicates the presence of trees nearby, along with enhanced likelihood of sidewalk vs tree root disruptions, the sort of sidewalk discontinuities that increase risk of falls, sprains, broken bones, and general public irritableness! . RantWoman likes trees fine. RantWoman recognizes that leaves are awesome organic matter. But for the safety of white cane users, people with shopping carts, people in wheelchairs, RantWoman was VERY glad for the opportunity to issue a general exhortation for people to please keep their sidewalk right of ways cleared off!

And RantWoman, being RantWoman, wants still more, More, MORE!
In fact, this very afternoon, after another spell of listening to RantMom last night, RantWoman was going to tweet in to @SeattleDOT a question about drainage and curb cuts.
The RantWomen live in different places in the Rainier Valley. There are lots of nice new curb cuts, with the yellow truncated dome tactile feature no less.  One problem in rainy Seattle: drainage. Sometimes the curb cuts get filled with water and leaves. Even worse, if there is a storm drain, that also gets filled with leaves and then overflows. RantWoman thinks stormwater runoff is a county issue but the real question: who does one contact if there is a problem and who is  responsible for cleaning out the storm drains on private property?
Stay Tuned...

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