Wednesday, January 6, 2016

New Rules intended to make construction zones more manageable for people with disabilities.

RantWoman definitely wants to believe and applaud the following item.

Seattle Weekly article about construction boom and new signage rules

RantWoman also notes that training and sensitivity among construction workers go A LONG way. In the best cases, RantWoman encounters a construction site because someone has been watching, approaches RantWoman offers explanation, and ASKS what would be helpful.

But RantWoman has different needs when she is by herself than whe n she is traveling with rantMom or one of several wheelchair users in her life.

For people designing apps and data sources feeding apps, RantWoman offers the following additional comments:

Crowdsourcing the wayfinding from a bus stop to a destination is still a zone of evolution.

RantWoman is trying for instance to think about how to deal with obstructions that should be time limited but very significant while they are occurring. Still, RantWoman is definitely interested in the app building efforts.

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