Monday, January 4, 2016

Thank you for the bulletin Boards

Dear Housing Provider,

RantWoman has been taught always to say thank you for holiday gifts, even when they are, um, not quite the right fit.

So thank you very much for the new bulletin boards.

Next door neighbor and measurement asistant
TOO high to read!

Thank you for hanging 20" wide bulletin boards 34" off the floor for a total height of 74".

Please understand, RantWoman tells the world she is 70" tall. RantWoman is probably the tallest person on her floor. Almost everyone is is shorter  Several people on RantWoman's floor and the other floors of RantWoman's building use wheelchairs.

Almost none of RantWoman's neighbors would be in any danger of bumping their heads on bulletin boards installed at this height. Nor would they be in any danger of being able easily to read them or to reach up and find braille if there were braille to find.

RantWoman, ever resourceful has turned to the search engine of her choice. ADA bulletin board Height results

That is, RantWoman turned to the search engine of her choice but RantWoman is not entirely charmed by what she finds there: content with a whole bunch of dates, several items that mention bulletin boards hung to a mid-board height of 60" which seems high to RantWoman. Oh, and a bunch of text to wade through. Sooo, RantWoman is going to delegate! RantWoman is going to ask Next Door Neighbor to poke through and supply Building Management with more concise recommendations about how to adjust the height of said bulletin boards. Then RantWoman is going to go out into the universe in search of a triple strength politeness filter.


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