Friday, January 8, 2016


RantWoman is, um, a little bit behind about some Christmas Thank-yous.

Here are two from Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve bulletin with baby Jesus and a manger
The Christmas Eve bulletin

First, RantWoman offers heartfelt appreciation to RantMom's church for having MULTIPLE copies of a large-print bulletin with the order of the service out on the table with all the other regular print bulletins. RantWoman could certainly quibble about ways to tweak the white space and make the font even a little larger, but RantWoman applauds the effort.

RantWoman applauds this partly because RantMom reports a number of elderly women in her church with various flavors of failing eyesight. RantWoman also applauds this presentation because of unfacvorable comparison at a nother congregation: there were apparently braille bulletins when RantWoman asked but they were locked in an office.


(RantWoman's faith community accomplishes accessibility through email. This is sufficient for RantWoman and RantWoman has not recently solicited feedback from any of the other people she knows of with analogous accessibility concerns.)


RantWoman sincerely thanks Metro for the route 7 bus that continues to run all the way to Prentice Street. RantMom's church is on the Prentice Street loop but RantMom is not keen on going to things at her church in the evening without RantWoman (and the ill-behaved white cane) for bodyguards, especially because of a required transfer on the return trip.

RantWoman goes about with her head full of standard issue lMetro language about "productivity." Only occasionally by the time the bus gets to RantMom's church is there more than one or two other people on the bus.

Every time RantWoman goes with RantMom to something at her church in the evening, the RantWomen have a delightful ride--AND RantWoman mumbles something about all the things that pointy-headed bean counters who never ride the bus do not think about.  
This time it was Christmas lights.

The RantWomen 'sevening started a good while before time for church. RantWoman wanted to bring over to RantMom's place presents and contributions to the holiday meal on the way to church. Then the RantWomen dined in Columbia city and caught a bus that got us to RantMom's church quite early. The RantWoman arrived early even though we rode the bus around the loop at the end of the route and exclaimed over several displays of Christmas lights we would not have seen at all if we had, say, taken a cab or gone on ACCESS.

After the service, we also wound up with a good spell to wait for the next bus. So we also crossed the street, waited for the uphill bus and rode around the loop again. This time a different viewing angle yielded views of completely different lights! Now that is productivity!

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