Thursday, January 7, 2016

Sweet news item; impossible page.and thank you for someone doing accessibility right.

The baby in this story could be a junior RantWoman; RantWoman sincerely thanks baby Piper's parents for sharing.

Baby Overjoyed to try on glasses for the first time

RantWoman got her first glasses in the mail the Halloween after she turned 2. RantMom said surgery before the glasses did not seem to make a difference in what RantWoman saw, but the glasses did. RantMom says she had to fight with the toddler RantWoman to put the glasses on, but then she also had to fight with RantWoman to take them off before sleep. So this story speaks deeply to RantWoman.

However, the lack of accessibility for this page is JUST about enough to evoke a GIGANTIC toddler-scale FIT! RantWoman is not the most sophisticated user of her accessibility software so in this case RantWoman sent the link off to others who also pronounced it impossible! RantWoman would encourage ABCNews to hire someone who knows what they are doing about webpage accessibility. Word!

Meanwhile, RantWoman also supplies a press release from the American Council of the Blind about Denny's Restaurants rolling out new website and mobile app accessibility

ACB Press Release about Denny's new website and app accessibility

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