Monday, February 29, 2016

Happy Fifteenth Anniversary Nisqually Earthquake 2-28-2001

Oh look, some financial #resilience videos

A bit of media coverage

Postcards from the earthquake zone:
Having an earthquake while a novice driver (ferrener Husband) is practicing parking in one's condo parking lot leads one's mind to peculiar conclusions, mercifully not conclusions realized in actual fact.

A bit of Sunday supper chat with RantMom.

No we still do not really have a family communications plan or an out of area contact sequence. Nope. Not yet. Sigh.

In the moment of the actual earthquake, as soon as RantWoman learned that the Aurora Bridge was stable, RantWoman hopped a bus to check on the Rant siblings, neither of whom had a phone. Irrepressible Nephew was an infant. He rode out the earthquake in a baby carrier while Little sister was in the shower. The older Rant Siblings converged at Little sister's place in the International District. Little Sister deemed her abode too badly shaken up to permit entry by siblings and we quickly migrated to a nearby Chinese restaurant. Lunch suddenly seemed like a good idea. So did television, turned up particularly loudly in case that made it more comprehensible to the Chinese speaking crowd.

RantMom went home from work in MT to try to call her children. RantWoman at that point owned an alpha pager but no cellphone. RantWoman emailed a favorite aunt and asked favorite aunt to call RantMom at work in MT to tell her everyone was okay. Favorite aunt connected with RantMom at home. Eventually RantWoman also connected with RantMom by email and promised to call later. That was enough in the moment.

Happy Anniversary earthquake

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