Friday, February 26, 2016

Bad Google, not overgeneralized

No Google!

BAD Google!

Stop it Google!

Google STOP TELLING US to make two impossible left turns! That is NOT the most reasonable route to 23rd Avenue S in the direction we need to go.

For the record, Google, the ONLY sensible way to direct drivers from the The Friendly Neighborhood center for Extreme computing to the West Seattle Bridge should start out with directions that tell drivers to go southbound on Martin Luther King Way S to McClellan, turn West onto McClellan and then turn South on 23rd Avenue South. Google gets to figure out the Lefts and Rights of that.

After that the directions Google gave to a Friendly Neighborhood Center sister site in West Seattle work just fine.

RantWoman wishes to emit these comments into the universe.

RantWoman abstractly could find time to be interested in the minutia of Google routing algorithms and whether they are only map-based, whether they take into account things like the presence of traffic signals... whether they are based at all in behavior.

RantWoman COULD think about tracking down an actual human to chat up about this.

RantWoman could even cooperate with the automated crowdsourcing of letting Google figure out which routings work for actual humans by turning on more of the location information on her device than is her default.

But it's Friday bleeping evening and RantWoman's mind is already brimming with other thoughts. So RantWoman will REALLY appreciate it if Google just takes note of this one highly specific location. If we are really lucky RantWoman will be content just to offer this input about one location and will manage to resist an urge to go on about the dangers of overgeneralization without regular iterative testing.

Oh wait, RantWoman feels a ramble about that theme coming on from a different direction.

Stay tuned.

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