Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Postcards from Sunday Supper and Sundry Other Peregrinations

RantMom spent Saturday afternoon at the NW Flower and Garden Show .Part of the time she was helping out at a merchant booth. Cards By Susan but check back in a day or two: the site is a little more under construction than RantWoman would hope immediately AFTER a big event. It seemed to RantWoman that things were being updated as RantWoman browsed. RantWoman still really appreciates many things on the site which is why she encourages readers to check again.

Ranunculus Thank you Google for the correct spelling

RantMom knows what the flowers on the magnet are called. They are ranunculus. The RantFamily used to grow them, when we lived at 7700 ft in CO, but people do not grow them much around here . RantWoman for once thanks Google for suggesting a spelling correction.

On the way to supper, RantWoman stopped at the Verizon store, thinking to deal with both flakey smartphone and tablet options. RantWoman appreciates attention but RantWoman's go home and think about it threshold was really low. Plus RantMom gets to be the decisionmaker for part of it. Plus RantWoman was not focused enough for accessibility features. Plus..., plus......

RantMom wants a tablet! All her Bible-Study buddies have tablets and RantMOm wants one too. RantMom especially sounded interested after RantWoman showed off her Kindle Fire and old very early generation really plain barely accessible enough for RantWoman Kindle 

Both devices RantWoman demo'ed are WiFi-only. This works fine for RantWoman. One question is whether this would work fine for RantMom.

RantMom has a smartphone. Should RantWoman teach her to tether her phone? RantMom is pretty tentative about internet usage and RantWoman does not think weekly Bible study would eat up a lot of the data plan RantMom already gets with her phone. ..

Will RantMom get it about restaurants and coffee shops and libraries....?  At home RantMom has a DSL modem with Wifi which RantMom or Little Sister would have to set up, probably. Is this all too much for RantMom to wrap her brain around?

If RantWoman turns the problem over to the paid staff at the cell carrier, will RantMom come home paying more $ / month when probably what she is already paying for should be more than adequate???

Should RantWoman just shut up and figure the cell carrier is also then getting paid to provide tech support?

Ummm, RantMom has not tried phone support and the carrier provides classes only at times RantMom strongly prefers to be in church. Scheduling #fail? See why RantWoman is not interested in increasing RantMom's financial outlay? But can the RantSisters and RantMom's church buddies between us....?

Stay tuned.

Also in need of postcards:
RantMom's senior housing provider. RantMom says her housing provider spends more time and effort advertising the community out in West Seattle that is served only by peak-hour bus service than any other community they operate.

Enticements were such that RantMom enlisted a church buddy to DRIVE HER OUT for a visit. If RantMom had been the slightest bit tempted to move, the transit-dependent Rant Daughters would have thrown a fit because the transportation is so unworkable. RantWoman also tartly wonders how low-wage workers get to work there!

RantWoman has been reflecting on this problem because RantWoman knows someone who does live in that complex. She was miserable in another complex the provider operates downtown. She really liked the view and atmosphere in West Seattle but close to the time she moved out there she also needed to quit driving. RantWoman sees her a lot less than she used to but over Christmas RantWoman was VERY glad to hear a couple with a car go visit her often. Now RantWoman has learned she will move to MI where she has son and adult grandchildren. RantWoman is glad she will be close to family but definitely notes the senior access to transportation issue.

Speaking of Senior Access to transportation, RantWoman is sorry to hear Gaffney House, a memory care facility on Capital Hill is closing. RantWoman knows a couple of bus-dependent people who were able to visit their relatives precisely because of the location. RantWoman really hopes that whoever redevelops the site takes into account the continuing need for this kind of care by people whose relatives depend on transit to get around.

And speaking of people on the frontiers of new to them transportation realities, RantWoman has yet another friend, Grandma Barefoot. Grandma Barefoot actually has another nom de blog; more interestingly she has VERY RESPONSIBLY in RantWoman's view quit driving at least for now.

Grandma Barefoot had a stroke a few weeks ago. Her medical team thinks she is doing really well, but things are uneven enough in both body and mind that Grandma Barefoot has opted not to drive and instead to plunge into the new and exotic cognitive tasks of interacting with bus schedules, trip planners, and the kinds of shopping aids one needs when one is going to be toting or carrying all of one's purchases.

What can RantWoman say? No guts, no glory!

Grandma Barefoot lived for a time as a young divorcee in Hawaii so RantWoman was going to close with another image from the photo site but RantWoman cannot figure out how to do thit so readers just get a link Gorgeous Shot of an Oahu Sunset along with the comment that RantWoman actually LIKES sites that do not jump around and change the links every time RantWoman hits them. Take that too world!

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