Sunday, February 21, 2016

Validation survey about physical activity and sedentary behaviors

RantWoman is a TERRIBLE survey taker. RantWoman thinks it is her moral obligation to grumble and quibble about EVERYTHING. RantWoman needs simply to post this request without comment.

Oh wait, RantWoman IS interested in knowing whether the researchers have considered how the accessibility problem they talk about might affect their validation process or the results.


Dear (Readers)

We are conducting a study involving the  validation of (2) surveys to explore the beliefs of adults with visual impairments toward physical activity and sedentary behaviors.

To conduct this study we need the participation of adult aged  individuals (ages 18 and over) with visual impairments. This study will ask participants to complete an online survey consisting of 41 questions which should take approximately 20 minutes.
All responses will be anonymous and confidential.

All participants who complete the  online survey will have the option to enter a drawing to win one of two $50.00 gift cards. I

f you, or someone you know, is interested in participating in this study, please follow the link below:
Please share this link if you know others who would be interested.

As a note, we have received feedback about the accessibility of our survey using some screen readers. Our technology has been reviewed by accessibility experts, however, it has some limitations.

For most questions, 1 refers to "strongly disagree" while 7 refers to "strongly agree".

Thank you for your time,
Justin A. Haegele, PhD, CAPE
Assistant Professor
Health & Physical Education
Department of Human Movement Sciences
Old Dominion University
(757) 683-53382009
Student Recreation Center
Norfolk, VA 23529

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