Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Hackathon: the SEQUEL, Vote For....

Remember the Hackathon RantWoman went to a few weeks ago?
SeeAddledParks #AttHack Honorable Mention

Okay the first thing on RantWoman's agenda: VOTE.
Vote for Community Favorite from the Seattle Parks Hackathon

Warning 1: you have to sign in in order to vote. There is a CAPTCHA, a visual, non-adudio captcha. #a11y #fail. If you need to rant about this, for example because you cannot find a way to cope with the CAPTCHA please consider this an invitation to leave a comment. RantWoman sees lots of CAPTCHA's with both visual and audio modes of access. Just sayin'

Warning 2: RantWoman is very gratified that talking about #accessibility in the hackathon opener made several groups mention the topic when they pitched their weekends' work. RantWoman would be MORE gratified if the people who mentioned accessibility had links for their project so people could actually look at, even "wireframing,"

Sure, okay, RantWoman would certainly like people to vote for the SeaAddled Parks project. However RantWoman has not tracked down information as above about the project. How on earth does RantWoman expect anyone to vote if she and team are not a little further along with something for people to find?

--Look RantWoman realizes this event was sponsored by a telecomm company and RantWoman's pitch included options for PRINTING on PAPER so that one would not have to tote one's device on a walk. Yep.

--Then there is the group name. The curmudgeons on the team like it fine, but RantWwoman suspects a branding consultant might suggest..

--RantWoman also has had conversations about matching the trail map with proprietary LIDAR elevation information or using some other possible public source of topographical info.

--RantWoman does not necessarily care about building this exact app by herself. Scratch this: maybe it would make a good app. Maybe it would be a good addition to one of the more comprehensive apps.

--ON THE OTHER HAND, RantWoman could also envision a path to some actual get out and walk around testing of the app, maybe done by school kids  as baby data science or wayfinding projects. RantWoman does not have in mind any particular connections to move this idea along, but

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