Sunday, April 24, 2016

To Ellensburg, via Light Rail.

It was time this past weekend for one of RantWoman's biannual trips basically out of cellphone range.

This time RantWoman went to over near Ellensburg via the Light Rail.

Well sort of.

RantWoman almost forgot the dates of the trip and forgot to connect with a ride until the last minute. It turned out the best option as far as schedule, need to have a conversation anyway, and compatible conversationalist was flying into SeaTac and headed east from there in a car.

No the possible ride option had NO interest in driving into Seattle on a Friday afternoon.

Yes, RantWoman lives an easy bus hop to the Light Rail. That is, it's an easy bus hop since RantWoman can walk up a hill to the nearest bus stop. This hill is NOT an easy hop for many of RantWoman's wheelchair-using neighbors. Luckily this time it was only RantWoman traveling.

Driver's plane arrived early and off went RantWoman. Then driver called: could we meet at Tukwila station?


Here though RantWoman wants to suggest an enhancement to the next iteration of Google Maps / phone software:  Ok Google plot the best transit, car or pedestrian routs from the location of Cellphone a to the location of Cellphone B.

Ride east basically uneventful. Nice still to see snow on Snoqualmie Pass. Sunny with a bit of snow still on the ground AND a creek running gloriously high and fast!

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