Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Electric Dylan 50 years on, with ukulele? and Pinball?

One of RantWoman's info streams informs RantWoman that today is the 50th anniversary of the performance where Bob Dylan shocked, shocked the world and his fan base by....playing half of his show with an electric backup band.

In honor of this occasion, an item about an upcoming Seattle area show, minus blindness tourism about whether photos are tagged and other meditations about how the news looks to people who use screen readers:
Dylan to play at Chateau Ste. Michel in June 2016

Understand, at the time of Dylan's most famous electric performance,  RantWoman was not yet 5. RantWoman and RantBrother had probably already broken each other in but RantWoman was probably still getting used to Little Sister toddlerhood. The Rant Family with  our RantFamily eye problem heritage was still living, 3 kids , 2 parents, and a lot of the time one or another aunt as well in a two-bedroom apartment. In other words, things were a little tight though the Rant Family was on the verge of moving into a Real House.

This also was an era when RantMom regarded television as a vast mind-rotting cultural wasteland and did not permit it in her household. In other words this pivotal moment in US cultural pantheon passed the Rant Family by completely, only to be velcroed into the timeline long after the fact.

That would be one problem.

Another problem would be that RantWoman wants to celebrate this anniversary in a highly eccentric way.

First, a link that might or might not take one to some actual Dylan tracks though not necessarily Dylan doing Born to be Wild.

A streaming option that may or may not yield Born to be Wild
The blindness tourism element of posting this link: RantWoman is tired. RantWoman is the sort of cultural relic who still thinks music should come out of phonographs or cassette players and who has not worked very hard to wrap her brain around this streaming stuff. So RantWoman has done only cursory checking of this site to see about accessibility. It showed up in a search engine. The home page did not send RantWoman's screen reader into a tailspin. RantWoman is not saying anything beyond that.

How, thanks to the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain, a cultural phenomenon having almost NOTHING to do with Dylan, we walk back from Born to be Wild arranged for Ukulele orchestra to "Sure Plays a Mean Pinball!"

Whoa, whoa wait. WHY the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain? And why PINBALL?

Forget about the Ukuleles and for that matter the Brits too. They are an artifact of a different mental excursion. The pinball wizard is more on point, on point as in:

One of RantWoman's college roommates was blind.

Blind Roommate was REALLY into Bob Dylan, so into Dylan that at the time she won, she was the first woman ever to win a Bob Dylan sound-alike contest at Folk City in NY city.

Blind Roommate also regularly beat RantWoman at pinball.

RantWoman thinks summers doing programs at the NJ school for the blind were part of
what gave Blind Roommate the skills of blindness and guts to go to our shared alma mater. We do not know where Blind Roommate's  capacity to beat RantWoman at pinball came from. We humbly honor the point even though RantWoman could officially see, if one does not count double vision, spherical  aberration from thick glasses, and negligible hand-eye coordination.

Here RantWoman is going to leave a further giant long literary ellipsis under all the other forthright and challenging reasons the 50th anniversary of Dylan going Electric summoned the Pinball Wizard. Instead, Happy Fiftieth Electric Anniversary. Now play us out, Mr. tambourine Man.

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