Sunday, May 29, 2016

Sundresses, shipping

Dear customer, please rate your online shopping and delivery experience?

NO. Sorry. RantWoman has NO patience to interact any more with the website for now. RantWoman is happy enough to spell out some quibbles and the MOVE ON.

First a general clothing vocabulary note

Apparently the word "jumper" is out this year.

By jumper RantWoman means sleeveless garment of denim or broadcloth, or perhaps knitted. designed for a long unified look; also designed to have a t-shirt or blouse worn underneath. RantWoman has a number of such garments. They are all wearing out. RantWoman has fantasies about being able to replace them via mail order.

Once in awhile, RantWoman puts her desire for new jumpers into search boxes. The results which come back are nothing like what RantWoman has in mind. So RantWoman has taken to trying other terms:

sleeveless sun dress

tank dress


Now enter RantWoman's latest foray into online shopping. RantWoman decided to see what Amazon served up as far as RantWoman size ranges and preferences.

RantWoman ALWAYS wants to know the lengths of clothing. Amazon delivers this unevenly. RantWoman did not pay attention to all details but did notice she had trouble finding length information for items she can find length info  for when she orders directly through the various clothing channels she buys from.

RantWoman did encounter the word "maxi" a couple times. RantWoman is tall. Sometimes on RantWoman the word "maxi" is mid-calf. Sometimes even on RantWoman the word "maxi" means top of shoes.

RantWoman's most recent mail order experience yielded two maxi-length  "sleeveless sundresses,: one that falls to mid-calf and one that falls to the top of RantWoman's shoes. RantWoman is thinking the one that falls to the tops of her shoes needs some altering that will also fix the length. RantWoman can handle this.

RantWoman is also very happy to have a new denim skirt and two exceleent new blouses, blouses long enough to meet RantWoman's length requirements. RantWoman is VERY happy except for one note: RantWoman tends to put lots of things into her shopping basket and then take things out based on budget sensibility. RantWoman wound up with lots of items in black and white and one jumper in purple and black. RantWoman can cope. Next time maybe she will try harder to pay attention to colors during the final order process.

Delivery options?
--RantWoman appreciates "free delivery."

--RantWoman's current delivery address is her mailbox, quite a distance from her present abode. RantWoman is fine with periodic needs to journey to her box during business hours.

RantWoman does offer a digression based on things learned the last time RantWoman and Little Sister were both at RantMom's along with The Wonder Emotional Support Chihuahua. The Wonder Chihuahua defuses nuclear family tensions simply by asking to go out to relieve himself. When he made such a request, Brother-in-Law and Irrrepressible Nephew also found themselves directed to "la caja de Amazon: at a nearby Safeway. La caja de Amazon receives items for the Amazon Prime subscription Little Sister received for a holiday gift. This seems to work better for the Rant Family than expecting anyone to have to be home for package delivery.  Noted!

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