Friday, May 27, 2016

Taste: Denny Terrace Food Flick

The good news: RantWoman had a wonderful inclusive conversation this morning over coffee and pastry with neighbors. Conversation was about movies and media, closed captioning, audio description, Iris Apfel, a little bit about dealing with subtitles and films in languages RantWoman has not studied.

General thoughts included: it is VERY cool when theater chains have equipment allowing blind moviegoers to hear the audio description that now comes with many first-run movies. It is also cool if the equipment to listen to the audio description track works. One of RantWoman's neighbors also talked about some technology gone awry moment where she was getting both the text of the audio description and the text of the closed captioning in the same audio stream. RantWoman in puzzle brain mode MIGHT find it deeply satisfying to troubleshoot all of that. Maybe. Or maybe RantWoman would be happy to much popcorn and let someone else with fresher AV troubleshooting experience solve the problem.

The bad news: RantWoman can be a REAL drag to be around when the call comes to speak up around one's friends, neighbors, collaborators, about inclusiveness. Case in point: the video below. Considering RantWoman's meditations above, can anyone guess what all RantWoman might possibly be upset about?

It IS art, and RantWoman is still upset. Grrrr! Cliffhanger question: Will rantWoman summon enough tact, diplomacy, and topical techno-wisdom to suggest ways to improve on what rantWoman is upset about? Stay tuned....

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