Saturday, August 27, 2016

In praise of Corelle

Ahhh! Time warp! Nostalgia.

 Corelle! (necessary trademark implied)

Talk about blast from RantWoman's past.

Splendid white soup bowls
Two splendid new soup bowls

Long ago, shortly after the Rant Family moved from CO to MT, somehow the household acquired an entire 8-person set of Corelle dinnerware: large plates, medium plates, pie plates, saucers, cups, two sizes of bowls and probably a couple other items.

Corelle is supposed to be shatterproof.

The RantFamily had a concrete underfloor on the entire ground floor where our kitchen dining room and TV room were.

Gravity is remarkably consistent.

The RantFamily Test Labs determined that it is indeed utterly simple to shatter Corelle. Indeed, most--but definitely NOT ALL of the collection has gone down the path of entropy always increasing and then out the door and onto the crockery's next destinations in the universe. In fact rantMOm sill has a few of the original plates!

Peculiarly the Rant Family experience made RantWoman smile recently when she found the bowls shown here on sale just as some of her other less hardy bowls had done their cheap crockery thing.

Alas, RantWoman now also has a concrete floor and ardently hopes the new bowls will not be in any hurry to fly into the floor!

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