Sunday, August 28, 2016

One more Find It Fix IT walk note

One more Judkins Park Find It Fix  it Walk note:

--Sign up for updates straight from Sound Transit particularly about the Judkins Park / Rainier Avenue station  here:
Mental note: there is an open house coming up. RantWoman did not find info about it in a cursory look.

RantWoman finds it, um, interesting to read about intention in the station design to add elements of public art accessible to the disabled community.

--One of two wheelchair users who RantWoman thought likely to attend made it to the #finditfixit walk. He noted that meeting on grass is not the most wheelchair-friendly approach. Luckilyh he is pretty relentless about participating anyway.

--The other wheelchair user RantWoman knows--who lives right on the edge of the park and has plenty to say about car-related public safety issues did not make it. Oh well.

Report from the person who attended.
--Lighting on the bicycle freeway and on the pedestrian paths: YES! YES! RantWoman would be interested in more detail and hopes notes about it are not just lurking in FrontPorch somewhere. RantWoman realizes it sounds downright unadventurous not to want to learn a new platform every other day, but tough, this is RantWoman.

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