Thursday, September 1, 2016

Libraries are wonderful, and....

This is a verbatim blog entry from a friend of RantWoman's. This friend lives in another state and, RantWoman thinks without having asked, uses the Wi-Fi at her local library.

Good lord. The people sitting near me at the library are making me wonder if I'm in a Mr. Bean movie and didn't know it. One is an lady singing out of tune quite audibly and another is a youngish guy guffawing at his computer screen. At least neither of them are the guy who was trying to hit on me and then mentioned that he enjoys sticking bottle rockets in frogs and lighting them off. I'm sorry, was that supposed to be attractive?! Who in their right mind boasts about doing something so heartless and disgusting and expects that to be a turn on?

Edited to add: the trying to sing lady just started snorting and snuffling snot. That is too much.....(fleeing the scene)!
RantWoman deeply and ardently respects the librarians she knows: most librarians RantWoman knows are passionately committed to openness and to working with whatever people's needs, requests, realities are. Still, this post is an excellent description of the downsides, sometimes, of relying on one's library for one's connectivity even if one has one's own device and perhaps has the option of lurking away from charming companions.

RantWoman has also decided to post this because she is having mental hiccups about behavior guys feel entitled to perform and then think women are weird for objecting. RantWoman rediscovered this item from her drafts file while searching on the word fleeing and looking for another post related to software incompatibility which came RantWoman's way via another person's visit to a different library.

Note to self: library will be an excellent blog search term for some project development ideas....

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