Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Dear Blogger whose work RantWoman wants to deeply appreciate.

Thank you SO MUCH for calling the matter of images used without attribution or permission to RantWoman's attention.

RantWoman is a very amateur blogger, vaguely aware of copyright andattribution issues but definitely not very proactive about dealing appropriately with them. It's high time to exhibit more awareness.

One small observation: RantWoman is legally blind. RantWoman writes a lot about blindness issues. RantWoman has some readers who are totally blind. There is different software now for helping people identify what is in photographs, but RantWoman encourages people to use Alt text with pictures. One reason is that then the person who created the image gets to shape the experience in words.  Would some references about accessibility be helpful?

Warm best wishes and again thank you for calling the problem to my attention.


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