Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Day of the Dead Sugar and Orange Food

An offering of sugar to the interwebs


It is the season of RantWoman's body demanding orange food. This season does in fact cause RantWoman to reach more for yams, carrots, squash, pumpkin...

However, some corner of RantWoman's brain is easily fooled: If the food has orange packaging, RantWoman will want it almost as much as...

Meanwhile, RantWoman has decided to she is fine with the risk that she will look like the Great Pumpkin. RantWoman has an awesome stupendous new hi-vis orange hoodie. It is not as well insulated as its billing led people to assume, but RantWoman feels very visible, and visible without having to do her numerous homemade approaches.

Furrther, RantWoman found herself grateful to an absurd degree that someone has sucked up A LOT of leaves on the path from her front door to the nearest bus stop.

Since RantWoman is already blessing the world with more chatter than it necessarily thinks it needs, a further comment in the realm of wayfinding: RantWoman chose the bus stop where she would not have to cross any streets between herself and the Mt Baker Transit Center. RantWoman's destination: Rite-Aid and QFC on Rainier near McClellan. Besides the sanest options for crossing Rainier and McClellan,  this routing allowed RantWoman to bypass two (NEW --shhhh!) curb ramps full of water, sidewalk where a swimming pool forms during rains, and LOTS and LOTS of soggy wet unraked leaves.

#happyhalloween #felizdiadelosmuertos

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