Tuesday, November 29, 2016

NOT Giving Tuesday

RantWoman in charge of your organization's PR? RUN FOR THE HILLS.

RantWoman's email inbox is overflowing with worthy organiztaions seeking contributions as part of #GivingTuesday. RantWoman is considering many invitations but in the meantime RantWoman has a NOT Giving problem.

Oh, wait, here RantWoman is going to bend over backwards and attempt a couple attitudinal backflips and extend a GIANT benefit of the doubt about well-meaning nonprofits that maybe sometimes do not get all their phone calls returned. RantWoman is not going to name the Greenwood area organization that has not returned phone calls from multiple very capable representatives of the organization that would be happy to contribute to a neighborhood food drive.

RantWoman is going to mention the word BLIND so that maybe the neighborhood organization will recognize itself and figure out how to return phone calls. Look, a local chapter of a blind organization would be really happy to contribute to a neighborhood food drive. We might like to show up and photograph ourselves so that we can put the event in a newsletter and maybe inspire other chapters to do the same thing. We might blow everyone's mind by showing up on the bus or some other way besides personally driven vehicles. But the point is, we would be glad to contribute to the food drive!

RantWoman imagines that people from said blindness organization might sometimes have benefitted from such food drives. RantWoman further imagines that that people come through the doors of the food drive organization who might benefit from connections with other blind people. In other words, what do y'all have to lose? If you recognize yourselves, don't leave a comment for RantWoman unless you truly cannot find the phone numbers several people have left you. Word?

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