Friday, November 25, 2016

Preparedness, thankfully.

This week in Disaster #Preparedness:

When the power goes out just as the faith community's potluck Thanksgiving feast is about to start:

--Be glad there is a gas stove.

--Make mental note to ask the relevant committee to MAYBE consider more than one battery-powered light, for instance for the windowless restrooms. Oh, and a crank device for recharging other devices...

--Remind people of the 3 sink + bleach dishwashing sanitation routine everyone used to know before the faith community got a zippy modern washes in 3 minutes but loading / unloading causes people back strains new modern dishwasher.

--Be thankful for the CityLight crews on call to fix...

--Remember that the TWO rounds of crockery crashing to the floor from a cupboard with unstable shelving probably has NOTHING to do with the power outage.

At a greater distance:

Be thankful for bus schedules. In spite of the rain, RantWoman was  glad to have legroom on a bus and not to have to figure out comfort in  , say, some kind of carshare.

Be thankful for a friend living in Costa Rica who checked in online
ne as safe during Hurricane Otto.

Pick from any number of newsworthy war zones, earthquake localles, and protest sites. Be glad NOT to be there no matter how much one cares about the issues.

Now settle back, COUNT BLESSINGS, and reflect about how wonderful it is to add Cointreau to the traditional cranberry orange relish.

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