Tuesday, December 20, 2016

End of the year--Gotta Spend some budget

Notes from the exercise of paper pushing and specifications and decision negotiation:

Time for Memorandum of Understanding between fiscal partner and otherwise partners. Do this on fly. Mental note to plan ahead better next year.

General RantWoman twitch when ordering my mail order anyway: is the instruction sheet online????
   RantWoman is allergic to instruction sheets in teeny tiny type
   RantWoman also favors instructions that are well editied in whichever language she wishes to consume  / discuss them in. RantWoman generally does not mind laughing about the sometimes rocky frontiers between the language products get designed in and the languages in which people need instructions in order to use the products in. RantWoman strongly prefers also actually to make sense of the instructions when using the products.

   get a warranty / service agreement
   shared laptop but get enough memory to share a slight license for some accessibility tools.
   Bluetooth keyboards are cheap and usually do not have the evil Fn key afflicting may laptop keyboards.

PA system in a suitcase:
    Yep: the joint project IS meant to support more than one specific set of activities. Yep. We mean it.
    Part of the POINT is wireless mics
    Still, probably need a clip-on mic too.
    Forgot to check about compatibility with T-loop settings on hearing aids. Oops.

Yes, we DO mean it about having a digital camera and not just relying on Smartphones.

There. Now RantWoman will work on some actual holiday cheer.

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