Friday, December 23, 2016

Solstice Decorations with Panzanella, fun recalled from last year

One of the benefits of the Friendly Neighborhood Center for extreme Computing having a new nonprofit partner as of last year is way better art. Okay, there is also that part of producing documents where RantWoman and other screen reader users have to encourage others to be both artistic and accessible. But in general,  thanks to a project of Full Life Care called Solstice, there are definitely some good participatory options that occasionally (tactile graphics software anyone?) specifically involve the computer lab.

One single decoration

It is not necessarily fair to the joys of this year's Christmas party to insist on digging out pictures of the decorations from last year's party, but this is RantWoman. Who said anything about fair?

RantWoman had a great time at this year's party and will say more separately. But RantWoman does not want to lose track of these clever decorations made from squares of glossy paper cut ingeniously and then taped into 3-dimensional decorations.

A star made of six of the decorations
RantWoman apologizes but she is not even going to try right now either to reproduce herself or to go look up. RantWoman is simply going to express admiration and suggest, if you want to replicate last year's party, go look up a panzanella recipe, see what you can do...

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