Sunday, December 4, 2016

NOT gonna vote, not without more info.

Nope! Not Gonna Do It!

RantWoman has read / heard one, two, three too many tweets emails in-person grips that thinking about #accessibility just slows things down and gets in the way of progress. NEWS FLASH. People with disabilities are your customers, your employees, and sometimes even your employERS. If you design inclusively, everyone benefits.

So, NO RantWoman is NOT going to participate in the vote below UNLESS more information is provided, In particular, are the aspiring entrepreneurs striving to meet any accessibility goals. If so, which ones and how do they propose to do it and do they have anyone with lived experience with disability / accessibility in the design / development / iterative improvement process????

RantWoman is not just being cantankerous. Well, RantWoman IS being cantankerous, but RantWoman did not have to look very hard to want answers about accessibility for more than oneo of the projects to be voted on. Readers, can you spot WHY RantWoman raises this concern?

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  • ButterflyBoard, a lightweight, portable whiteboard that transforms to fit your needs — anytime, anywhere.
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