Thursday, December 8, 2016

Now and Future Open Enrollment Seasons

Open Enrollment Season

RantWoman should have penned these comments earlier when they would be timely for more readers. File that thought for next year.

RantWoman needed to make choices about health insurance issues recently. RantWoman ultimately went with an agent who has been faithfully checking in regularly, who met with RantWoman in person, speaks fluent Spanish, and who shows several indications of being able to connect well with the kinds of people around RantWoman. Chalk one up for the value of in-person contact!

For one thing, Friendly Agent watched RantWoman interact with the website, made suggestions, and at a couple points just helped make phone calls!

RantWoman looking back does not think she thought carefully about timelines.

RantWoman also did not think far enough in advance about:

--Is RantWoman going to be able to figure out mental health provider issues either from the website or by talking to a human? RantWoman will forge ahead about this regardless, but...

--Do the provider network options include the pharmacy chains that have already reached structured negotiation agreements to provide audible prescription labels. (RantWoman thinks the wording of this should include broader range of accessibility options and specifically mention both braille and languages other than English. RantWoman also has some other opinions in this vein but RantWoman is thinking she should pull her thoughts together and market her advice several directions. Stay tuned. In the meantime,

Friendly Agent was glad to receive an informational link about this very topic...
Accessible Prescription Information

Stay tuned.

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