Monday, January 2, 2017

Severe Weather Recommendations

RantWoman was all set to pen something helpful about dressing for the weather in Seattle (cover your knees, cover your butt, that is wear a coat long enough.., remember to put on gloves, outer layer needs to be windproof and water resistant.). Instead out stalked the Feline Staff, or at least the three cats RantWoman has shared extended household with. Readers may notice a trend.

DollBuggyBoy: a handsome tuxedo cat who came to live with the Rant Family as soon as he was weaned in the back yard of the neighbors the RantChildren could spy on from our attic playroom. RantWoman was already in school but Little Sister spent so much time being charmed that the move next door was practically a no-brainer.

DollBuggyBoy earned his nom de blog because he tolerated all sorts of Little Sister interventions in his life such as being dressed up in doll clothes, dragged around under his front legs with his back legs dangling, and riding around in a doll buggy. That is he tolerated this from Little Sister. He definitely did NOT tolerate this from RantWoman or RantBrother.

DollBuggyBoy was definitely an indoor / outdoor cat. He rewarded our family for this liberty by bringing us tokens of affection such as a baby skunk. DollBuggyBoy was never allowed upstairs to the bedrooms. Instead he slept on an old towel locked in a cold pantry in the kitchen. Compared to the snows and high altitude winter blasts outside, this was luxury.

The Queen of Meow, Montana born, reared to Mozart and whatever else the Rant Children's piano teacher listened to. The Queen of Meow spent the first few months of her life living in a Belltown studio with Little Sister and Brother in Law and the next year or so living indoors with someone else. When The Queen of Meow came to live with RantWoman though, RantWoman spent a few nights trying to sleep in the middle of the overnight cat speedway and decided that Cat was just going to HAVE to run off energy somehow.  The Queen of Meow took VERY well to being an indoor / outdoor cat with many adventures to tell about. The main winter weather point: she was also an indoor / out door cat happy even to try some outdoor options when she moved with RantWoman to RantWoman's current abode. By this time RantWoman was an adult and happy to allow The Queen of Meow to sleep with her.

This only looks like a lumpy purple blanket
The Queen of Spades
recommendation for
coping with Severe Weather
The Queen of Spades came to live with RantWoman a good while after mouth cancer swallowed the Queen of Meow. The Queen of Spades is Seattle-born and was an outdoor cat teenage mom. She was an indoor / outdoor cat until she came to live with RantWoman and since then seemingly quite happy only an indoor cat.

The Queen of Spades knows nothing of MT but if she did would probably think RantWoman's standards of temperature control and ventilation are just WAY too Montana.
Here is the Queen of Spades' recommendations about coping with severe weather!

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