Sunday, January 8, 2017

Supper delivery and Stevedore Service

Supper Delivery and post-Holiday Stevedore service
Sunday supper at RantMom's:

First RantWoman and RantMom dispatched the Christmas decorations, a manger scene embodied in a metal wreath, two family Santa Claus pillows, assorted ornaments..  back to their plastic bins. RantMom actually has 5 bins of Christmas decorations, but recent annual routines pull things out only of the top 2. This year the artificial tree that has served well for several years got moved along in the  Universe.

The stevedore part of the gig: RantWoman is needed to move around the cardboard boxes that serve as tree platform  and the plastic bins. The boxes are full of archaic format audio archives (cassette tapes from RantDad's music studio and other history). The plastic bins reside in a closet the outside of which also seems to grow storage containers including boxes, bags full of paper bags and other accumulation. Nothing is very heavy and RantWoman deploys good back and younger muscles so the work is light. RantWoman feels entitled to fret a little about RantMom and clutter but only a little until she gets a handle on her own clutter.

Then it was time for supper.

RantWoman "cooked." RantWoman likes to cook but when "cook" appears in quotes it tends to mean RantWoman purchased something neither she nor RantMom regularly cook for ourselves.

Last night's menu:

Asparagus quiche

Chopped kale etc salad with poppyseed dressing

Orzo salad

RantMom added fresh-baked apple crisp.

We were very well fed.

We also discussed a certain medical problem extremely common among people especially women of RantMom's age, not that the specific problem  will ever appear  anywhere with reference to rantMom attached. Stay tuned.

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