Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Transit options for the Womxn's March

Understand, RantWoman would go to the Womxn's March Seattle  on Saturday but RantWoman has a conflict. RantWoman has been to many such events in the past, so one more or less is not a huge deal. As a service to those attending, RantWoman humbly offers somewhat imperfect  transit encyclopedia service derived from living and having a relative who lives in the area.

RantWoman means it about transit. Forget about driving because there will be nowhere to park for miles. Plus, even if the incoming administration is peppered with Climate Change deniers...we all get to celebrate our hip commitment to exercise ...

The Definitive RantWoman  summary of good transit options for getting to the Womxn's March on Saturday. RantWoman offers this local detail as pointers and pedestrian paths. Readers will still need to consult their trip planner for connections. Also crowds are expected to be heavy so Allow Extra Time. And no, this is not down to the comma blind perfect.

Topical transit stops and the bus routes served by them ON SATURDAYS:

Light Rail
RantWoman recommends
the Mt Baker Station, served by routes 7,8, 14, 48, 106,
The International District Station served by the 7,14, and somehow RantWoman has not looked up by the 106. as well as the 550, 554
Capitol Hill station, served by the 8 to / from MLK / Mt Baker and the 60 too / from 12th and Jackson

Bus ROUTES to connect to:
4,7,8,14,48,106, 550,554

(RantWoman forgot about the downtown streetcar and buses that stop near 12th and Jackson, the 36 and 60. If you take one of those options walk the stops RantWoman refers to for the 14 are E of 12th and Jackson.)

BUS stops within walking distance of the park, with walking directions to the march.
The I-90 stop on Rainier, both directions: the 7 and 106

Anything that stops at the Rainier Flyer stop on I-90.
Example the 550 or 554 are one stop from the International District tunnel stop and a good park and ride lot connection to / from the Eastside.

23rd and Dearborn: the 4 both directions

23rd and Judkins: the 48 both directions

MLK and Judkins, the 8 both directions.

17th / 18th and Jackson: the 14 to / from downtown.

23rd and Jackson: the 4,8, 14, 48

The Walking Directions from Bus Stops
 the I 90 stop on rainier or the Rainier Flyer stop off I-90 on either side of rainier.
On the E side of Rainier a little north of the bottom of the ramp from the Rainier Flyer stop find the asphalt path up through the park. When you get to the skate park, cross Judkins and keep going N through the parking lot until you see the flat area.
The 14 along Jackson. Stops on either side near the Franz bakery
and thrift store. think big yellow 18-wheelers. Between the bakery and
Washington Middle school there is a nice walking route to the N side
of the Park.

23rd and Jackson the 4,8,14,48: Walk W on Jackson until you get to the walkway between the middle school and the bakery as above

The 48 stops either direction at 23rd and Judkins. Go W on Judkins
until you see parking lot on the right. then walk N through the parking
lot and up until you see the flat area.

The 8 stops both directions at MLK and Judkins. It is further to walk
than the 48 and Judkins jogs interestingly.

Questions? Corrections? Leave a comment or consult your favorite transit agency.

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