Friday, January 13, 2017

Which District?

Dear Legislators

One tiny request: would you please consider listing your district and party if you choose somewhere near the top of your webpages and emails? RantWoman has this fantasy that there might be an automated way to do this which is one reason RantWoman is emitting a plea to the whole world.

RantWoman recognizes that you probably did not ask for the following moment of blindness tourism, but RantWoman has just read an entire email and a legislator's home web page with a screen reader and has yet to figure this out. RantWoman balked even at clicking on even one more link and has opted to emit this plea to the universe instead.

RantWoman has landed on the constituent email list from someone who she knows does not represent her. RantWoman knows what district she lives in. RantWoman received an email from the person she knows is her new state senator and that email did correctly identify the district. RantWoman participates in many things that might land her on legislators' email lists and RantWoman actually appreciates being on some of those lists. RantWoman especially appreciates this when the email lists take her directly to info she might have to sort a lot of extraneous material looking at search results with a screen reader.
The email RantWoman received from the other legislator is what set her off on this tirade. RantWoman thinks this legislator probably also has constituents who use screen readers. Please note: not all the screen reader users RantWoman knows are blind!  Making it easy to identify your district is a really small step that could make life easier for many people including some who might want to re-elect your or otherwise promote your efforts.

There, in a spirit of raving bipartisanship, enough free advice for  today.




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