Saturday, February 4, 2017

Plan for your Power Outage: How to Make a Parabolic Solar Cooker

RantWoman's building recently experienced an all-day power outage. RantWoman is unclear the ext cause but the resolution involved a Seattle city Light Truck working on something on a pole well toward 6 pm.

RantWoman's building has a generator and the generator seems to serve parts of some apartments and none of others. RantWoman did not in fact notice there was a power outage while working at her desk. It was only when RantWoman got up to make tea that she realized things were not as they should be. NO kitchen lights. No stove. No microwave. No fridge.

But it was a bright sunny day outside. RantWoman's disaster preparedness nerves kicked in and RantWoman started to think "solar cooker." RantWoman started to think this. Then she troter over to The Friendly Neighborhood Center For Extreme Computing unaffected by the outage and plugged various things into her YouTube search bar? Why Youtube? Youtube seems to be a faster path to usable information than unbounded search engine of choice. Here is one example of what turned up. Clearly rantWoamn should not wait until the next power outage if she wants something that will boil tea water and heat up lunch.

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