Friday, February 3, 2017

Search string of the week: Bladder Irritant Foods


Don't tell ANYONE except the whole freaking internet who reads RantWoman's blog.

RantMom is suffering from a condition affecting millions of women with her age and medical history. Shhhh, RantMom would like her name and identity never ever to be associated with this condition in any kind of public and realistic way. it is one of the conditions addressed in the parade of pharmaceutical company TV advertisements promising to treat various geriatric leakages and seepages. But no, out of deference to rantMom the exact name of the condition will not be mentioned.

Alert readers who are or know someone in a similar boat MAYBE can guess at the condition and RantWoman will be too happy to name it in any live conversation that does not involve RantMom --unless rantMom suddenly becomes more voluble and mentions it first.

Actually the RantWomen have been taking a WELCOME break from the ads and the sort of comical accompanying side effects warnings; the RantWoman have opted for classic KING instead of "Turn off the television you are more fun than oil spills" for our Sunday suppers. This means RantMom is going to have to either look for resources live or venture out ...onto...the internet.

After a recent medical consultation, with RantWoman along to cheerlead and ask pesky questions in front of the doctor  it seems the menus for Sunday suppers may have to change.

The Rant Sisters now have a search string which we will be trying to steer rantMOm toward relief" bladder irritant foods.

This is going to be hard. RantMom likes practically everything on the list, starting with coffee and orange juice for breakfast. This should be Funnnn!

Here's a link to get started
Cleveland Clinic article on bladder irritant foods

And if we get REALLY carried away, the first page of search results served up an e-book available through Google books and a downloadable PDF, both of which will be new technological frontiers for RantMom. Time for RantSisters tag team tech support! Good thing the RantSisters are for now past one of our periodic sister snits. Less irritated bladder here we come.

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