Friday, March 3, 2017

SeaTac Airport Accessibility Wishes

RantWoman's inbox currently GROANS with requests for RantWoman to comment on this and that, particularly about transportation matters. RantWoman deeply appreciates the invitation to mouth off and RantWoman apologizes for being a little behind schedule about a couple items.

RantWoman directs readers to the following previous post about accessibility concerns and SeaTac Airport.
Help Make SeaTacAirport the most accessibile in the world.

RantWoman encourages readers with something really urgent to say to consider comments even though the public meetings have just happened. RantWoman also encourages people to talk to their favorite airlines because the airport is a group effort.:

RantWoman has no doubt that there are many other accessibility issues to grapple with at SeaTac airport, but RantWoman is going to trust that enough other people will weigh in for RantWoman to stick to the ones which come first to mind.

RantWoman is a BIG believer in the Ask a Human algorithm. RantWoman greatly appreciates staff who are trained to recognize and address a variety of accessibility related issues, to answer questions concisely, and to be flexible in working with different people's needs. Enough said!

RantWoman WILL use transit. In the case of SeaTac Airport, RantWoman has gripes:

The path to Light Rail from the Baggage Claim area is just ridiculous. It involves lousy signage and  a walk through a parking garage. Has RantWoman mentioned that for a LARGE number of reasons parking garages are really just not her favorite and RantWoman prefers to AVOID THEM. RantWoman likes the route from Light rail to the departure gates well enough that RantWoman would almost prefer signage directing people back upstairs and then clean signage pointing people to the Light Rail.

RantWoman's other SoundTransit beef: the elevator from the pedestrian overpass down to International Boulevard. RantWoman's first preference is to please KEEP THE THING WORKING. Failing that, announcements ON THE TRAIN, not just in downtown tunnel stations about elevator problems would be a huge help. Also helpful, some pedestrian routings within the airport so that people who do not want to deal with walkarounds involving other Link stations and International Boulevard buses can get up and down without for instance toting luggage and vendor materials up and down four flights of stairs when the elevator is not working.

One more thing: RantWoman does not have a guide dog but when greeting guide-dog using friends visiting from out of town would definitely still like to know how to find a guide dog relief area. Probably RantWoman should check a website or something. Possibly, but it's Friday and RantWoman still owes the world some other communications, so...

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