Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Yet another #GivingTuesday plea

 RantWoman can turn even a #GivingTuesday plea into a whole list of technological adventures.

Anyone want to guess why RantWoman included a snail mail address option for sending in contributions?

RantWoman gratefully welcomes any contributions to the WA Council of the Blind.

RantWoman also notes a number of Do Better Next Time elements and will graciously receive--but not necessarily adopt any and all such suggestions. 

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Inclusive Mobility On Demand Take the Survey already. Get people you know to take the survey!

 RantWoman is again exhorting readers to take the SDOT Inclusive Travel on Demand to Transit survey

Post about SDOT Inclusive Travel on Demand survey

For more info about the whole pilot:

SDOT page about the Inclusive Mobility on Demand Pilot

RantWoman's usual practice with surveys is to post the survey and avoid posting too much of her opinions outside the survey. RantWoman is going to deviate from that practice here to throw out ideas she would be interested in hearing others' opinions about. RantWoman IS going to opine. However, mostly she is going to repear her exhortation: TAKE THE SURVEY found above. 

Saturday, November 27, 2021

Warnings Ignored. Mass Casualties

RantWoman is flagging these two items with caution and no intention to ruin the holiday buzz.

Full disclosure. Once upon a time long ago RantWoman briefly worked as Event Staff for Contemporary Services Corporation. RantWoman was new to Seattle, had no money and wanted to go to Bumbershoot. There was an ad on the back page of The Stranger. RantWoman called the number listed and harassed the office every day for a week until she got told to come to training. 

RantWoman is interested to read on the CSC website profiles of some people now in senior leadership who started out as front line workers. RantWoman is also interested to note in the article that at least in TX their is some level of training and licensing for people who do crowd management. RantWoman is unclear what is required in WA


Friday, November 26, 2021

The Wayward Laundry has returned--and RantWoman may send her laundry out again.

5 bags, 83 pounds of very crisply folded laundry
Spoiler Alert:
the laundry came back
at a cost 3x what the cost
if things work in RantWoman's building

RantWoman's building has laundry dramas, dramas in the form of vandals who have multiple times recently broken into the laundry room, stolen quarters, and done damage to the machines. The laundry vandals are symptoms of bigger problems which a lucky new staffperson has plunged into with gusto, but let us stick to laundry.

There is supposed to be migration to cashless laundry to cut down on attractive nuisance issues. Never mind the percentage of RantWoman's neighbors who are unbanked and / or do not have a smartphone to pay online. 

After the most recent serious damage there were supposed to be machines that took debit cards. RantWoman decided on bright sunny morning to try the dryers. RantWoman runs her bed linens through the dryer every time she changes her sheets. Plus, RantWoman wanted to be sure the dryers worked lest she wind up having to figure out how to dry wet laundry. While RantWoman was attempting to bedbug proof her bed linens, a neighbor minimally conversant in English came to the laundry room wanting to wash. RantWoman was able to impress on her that coins wouldn't work and she went back to her apartment for her debit card.

The machines are happy to let people slide their cards. They have tiny impossible displays with no audio cues. RantWoman could not tell what the screens said even at nose distance. RantWoman needs to check her bank statement to see whether anything was charged. But neither RantWoman trying dryers nor a neighbor trying a washer got the debit card readers to start the machines. And, this being #pandemic with supply chain disruptions, there is not even a date estimate for repairs.

For grins, RantWoman went online and learned there could also be a pay by bluetooth option--except that there were no bluetooth enabled devices in range.

RantWoman's clothes persist in getting dirty when worn. RantWoman had already accumulated about her usual monthly pile when the laundry upheavals set in. After a couple days, RantWoman abandoned hope for speedy repairs and put out a call for help. The most useful help: a suggestion to try an laundry service.

RantWoman fired up her search engine and her software test skills with downloaded apps. Finally RantWoman landed on a dream price and an app that works with RantWoman's accessibility tools. RantWoman is not naming the vendor because of a decidedly mixed experience.

The mixed experience: the website promised return within 24 hours if the order gets in before 8 pm. RantWoman squeaked by and then decided to live with a 48 hour ETA. About 15 minutes before the end of the ETA, RantWoman texted. Nothing. No response to several more texts.

At this point, RantWoman was getting nervous. Would her laundry ever come back. What if the person summoned by the app was trying to liberate more of RantWoman's bank account than was there. RantWoman called her bank's customer service. There was a pending authorization that seemed a little high even for the amount of laundry RantWoman had sent out but not necessarily unreasonable. RantWoman finally got a text back and a promise of "tomorrow."

THANKFULLY, the laundry did return the next day. RantWoman really wanted just to root for success and not interact about excuses. Stuff happens. RantWoman wouldn't mind an option on the app that said "Really MUST be done on time" but responsiveness or even being proactive about delays is kind of a bare minimum.

All that said, RantWoman loved how tightly everything got folded. The weight is about as expected and RantWoman  was amazed how much less space it took up folded than before. If RantWoman is worried about absolutely every pair of underwear, she will remember to count things before they get sent out.

RantWoman chose the option she did because the app works with her Android phone usin Talkback and vibrate on touch and because of price. Even so, RantWoman paid about 3x as much as she is used to paying 

RantWoman has learned some neighbors have found ways to get to outside laundromats but they find the price dizzying. One neighbor sent laundry out, he thinks to the same service as RantWoman. He had the same problem about unduly long return time and another costly hiccup because of minimum load size.

RantWoman has learned neighbors have complained in various directions. RantWoman is grateful that her complaint helped make a difference. At this point, RantWoman does not really care about #pandemic themed excuses. RantWoman wants stable reliable laundry options back in her building for Christmas!

Thursday, November 25, 2021

Thanksgiving postcards

Not last year anymore

This year the Rant Family struck a decidedly different note than last year. Last year Little Sister and nephew conspired to make Thanksgiving, to pack up single serving size portions and to deliver them piping hot to RantWoman and RantMom and then we all sat down to Thanksgiving dinner over Zoom. 

This year:

--No Zoom

--No collective turkey

--No trying to all be in one place because of space issues and multiple threads of medical issues and fatigue.

--No one feeling overworked or underappreciated. Little Sister and fam sound like they will get around to turkey RantMom dined at her retirement community. RantWoman made a turkey sandwich and may get a turkey leg to cook with some stuffing. RantWoman also made both cranberry sauce and cranberry relish, packed up some other snackables and hopped onto transit to go hang out and spend the afternoon with RantMom. It was lovely!

marscecence due soon
The Christmas cactuses
just keep hanging in there.

Mourning and Moaning

Dear text message groupies, Happy colonizing feast day to y'all too. RantWoman does not in the least see how permanent rebellion against mythologizing, cultural appropriation, genocide... is AT ALL incompatible with deep humility and gratitude. 

And while we're at it, sometimes #BlackLivesMatter means listening with great interest to program about African American classical music. 

There. Is RantWoman cantankerous enough?

Holiday on Smartphone

Other than that the internet is a great and glorious Thang and RantWoman is not so sure about the current holiday habit of whipping out the cellphone to filter links so RantMom can think about a new medical issue and to find out the answer presently is No about brother and one possibility. 

Wayfinding on dark and stormy holiday night

One of these days RantWoman WILL figure out the Capital Hill light rail station and the right exit to take the #8 bus home. Today RantWoman realized the texture of the sidewalk was wrong and figured out she was going the wrong way on Broadway. Plus LOTS of places were closed for the holidays. This is awesome for people and their families but rough for such as RantWoman who rely on specific blobs of light for help navigating. 

Welcome to Planet RantWoman.

Now please go make your own gratitude lists.

Thanksgiving: Trial Of Arbery's Killers Only Came After Pressure, Video

There is so much that is awful and outrageous about the Ahmed Arbery case. One is not supposed to be grateful prosecutors have been criminally charged for misconduct. One is not supposed to need to be grateful for the POSSIBILITY that three people who hunted down an unarmed jogger may finally get it" #BlackLivesMatter. One is not supposed to need to be grateful for murder convictions when one would rather have one's murdered child at the holiday table. But this is America today. This is where we are.

May we all renew our efforts to make our country better.

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Cool Podcast Disability Justice - SRSLY WRONG EP 244


#a11y #accessibility #WSocialEcology #Gerontocracy

Shopping cart full of bags of clean professionally laundered clothing
Basket of clean laundry
Daniel Buk (@DanBuk4) tweeted at 6:26 AM on Wed, Nov 24, 2021:
Disability Justice and Social Ecology: Making A New Society: @Kut2Smooth
https://t.co/amnsqA7K2v @judithheumann @BeingCharisBlog @dominickevans
@AAPD @HabenGirma @kaylejh @gogreen18 @shanboody @justinbaldoni
@WeAreManEnough @liztheo @feministabulous @bannerite @geoff9cow

Sins Invalid

Mia Mingis Pods
Care Work
Black Disabled Men Talk